Our Mission is to honour the true heritage and the breeding integrity of the Awassi,
to produce 100% sheep milk cheeses and dairy products.

“We love what we do –
living our cheese dream”

From conception to inception Awassi Queensland wanted to be a producer of fine food. Awassi Queensland is about not only bringing the best produce to exclusive customers but sharing our passion to passionate cheese lovers.

Located in the beautiful Lockyer Valley, the Awassi Queensland property is a hidden gem. Settled within the tranquil Helidon Hills and surrounded by Avocado groves, the natural ambience of the property lends itself to the gentle pottering of the Awassi.

All our Awassi sheep are more like our pets - the Awassi breed has the most amazing characteristics. Awassi Queensland is developing the breed for their future milking herd. Sheep milk has exceptional qualities for making the finest cheese in the world. At present, the dairy and cheese room are currently under construction.

We look forward to sharing our dream with you. Customers will visit our farm and leave as friends.

Fun Facts about Awassi Sheep
  • Awassi is one of the biggest producing dairy breeds in the world (1.75L per day compared with 1L per day in other sheep).
  • Lactation is 200 days instead of 100 in other sheep
  • Sheep milk is higher in fat, protein and total solids than goat and cow milk, so is, therefore, higher yielding.
  • Most sheep milk is used for cheese and yoghurt
  • They need shearing twice a year.
  • Awassi produces carpet type wool
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Awassi Queensland Master Sheep Cheesemaker Di Piggott
Passionate Cheese Maker - Di Piggott

Di’s dream from conception to inception was to be a producer of fine food, and not only bringing the best produce to exclusive customers but sharing her passion with passionate cheese lovers. Many a night was shared around a plate of cheese and fine wine with her husband David where her dream became their dream, which developed into their reality. They are proud to be a part of not only the ‘From PADDOCK to PLATE’ produce movement – but even more importantly excited to excite customers about the Awassi paddock experience.

Di’s attraction to cheese began when she was a young child sitting on her father’s knee eating cheese, eating it 'like a piece of cake'.  It’s not surprising that she would eventually go into a small dairy production all be it later in life. Being a Third-Generation Dairy Farmer and Second-Generation Cheese Maker her love for what she does is in her veins. From the paddock, to the milking parlour, to the cheesery, every little nuance throughout the entire process is completely overseen by her own two eyes. Di is a boutique artisan cheese maker, and her life revolves around the different ways to take cheese to the next level.

Di and David are passionate Aussie farmers, who work hard to produce the finest quality products for their customers, this means choosing the absolute best milking breed in the world (the beloved Awassi breed). To produce the best and unrivalled cheese, Di and David have considered the highest industry standards in every aspect of creating their unique product.

While in its infancy stage, Di and David continue to develop the amazing breed of their Awassi sheep to Australian conditions. As the herd grows, the business expansion will include a purpose-built cheesery, milking parlour, and farm outlet within the beautiful Lockyer Valley.

Di and David’s desire is for their customers to be excited with their cheese and to enjoy the full experience of what goes into making a handcrafted cheese. So, if you are crazy about cheese and want to come on the food journey and experience a truly unique product – Di, David and the Awassi sheep will be waiting for you to meet the cheese...


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Awassi Queensland

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About Awassi QLD

While in its infancy stage – Awassi Queensland continues to develop the amazing breed of Awassi sheep to Australian conditions.  As the herd grows the business expansion has included a purpose built cheesery, milking parlour and farm gate outlet. Our Mission is to honour the true heritage and the breeding integrity of the Awassi.

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776 Sandy Creek Road,

Grantham QLD

0412 671 047

[email protected]

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