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Awassi Queensland breeds the Awassi primarily for their milk – they are considered one of the best milking breeds in the world – for quality and quantity. The milk is naturally homogenised, high in fat and proteins, low in lactose, and makes a very high quality of cheese.

The meat is also a viable commodity – Awassi Queensland sells their lambs to selected restaurants around Australia. The texture and flavour of this meat are sought after for making traditional middle eastern dishes.

The large tail is fast becoming an important commodity. Awassi Queensland uses the tail fat to make a range of their cosmetics. The current tail weight of the Awassi lambs is reaching over 2 kg. The tail is also considered a culinary delicacy – and sold to selected restaurants.

The wool is used for a variety of products. Specially selected fleeces are used for spinning and weaving – being made into floor mats – using local artists. The wool is also being trialled as a garden mulch – a natural release of nitrogen into the soil from the wool also allows for natural plant growth.

About Awassi QLD

While in its infancy stage – Awassi Queensland continues to develop the amazing breed of Awassi sheep to Australian conditions.  As the herd grows the business expansion has included a purpose built cheesery, milking parlour and farm gate outlet. Our Mission is to honour the true heritage and the breeding integrity of the Awassi.

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